Hi! Welcome to Happy Acres Campground.

Originally Cook’s Happy Acres in the 1980’s, Happy Acres Campground has seen quite a few different names since then, but “happy” has always been the keyword. When Cook’s was sold approximately 15 years ago it was renamed M & E Happy Acres. 5 years later, it was resold to Joe and Marlene Miller who then decided to change the name to Miller’s Happy Acres. For 10 years Joe and Marlene took wonderful care of this beautiful campground until retiring in 2021, leaving some pretty amazing seasonal campers and so much land to create new memories. 
Now, simply named Happy Acres Campground, we have made (and are making) many upgrades around the property. 100 honeysuckle vines, numerous amounts of other various plants and flowers, and over 130 trees and bushes have been planted to provide a gorgeous landscape and more opportunity for native wildlife to thrive. A brand new pool, bathhouse, and laundry room will be ready for use when our 2023 season opens up. Pickle ball court, dog park, sandy play area, multiple fishing ponds, new sleeping cabins, walking/golf cart trails, weekly activities, an inviting storefront full of goodies and souvenirs, we have it all! We can’t wait to share all of this with you. Thank you for considering Happy Acres Campground.

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