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RV & Site Standards

RV & Site Standards

We want you to be happy, comfortable, and feel safe while staying with us. In order to make sure we accomplish that goal, we put together the following Standards to create and maintain an inviting atmosphere, pleasant appearance, and a safe place to stay. 

We believe that the appearance and condition of our Camper’s RVs contribute to the overall goal of implementing these Standards. Generally speaking, there is no age limit for RVs, however, we will not allow any RV to stay in the park that is considered in disrepair based on the standards listed herein. Any new Seasonal applicant with a RV older than 10 years must submit photos with the application for approval.

All RVs, sites, alterations, and added structures must conform to these Standards and new alterations and additions must be preapproved.  Complete the Construction Review Form to apply for any alterations, new structures, or variances. All decisions are at the sole discretion of Happy Acres LLC management.

  • Indiana State Law
  • Often Overlooked


  • Birdfeeders are discouraged because they attract rodents. Do not feed rodents
  • No dog runs or any other item that could create a trip or choking hazard. Clotheslines can be used temporarily, must be at least 6 feet off the ground and must be removed at the end of each day.
  • String lights must be attached to an awning or mounted at least 6 feet off the ground and turned off at the end of each day.
  • No outdoor dog kennels. Small dog enclosures not more than 2’ tall and 100 Square feet are permitted but must be removed when the seasonal is not at the campground.
  • No sprinklers or watering systems
  • No outdoor appliances (except what is allowed in the Seasonal Camping Agreement)
  • No propane tanks over 100 lbs. or non-DOT standard of any size.
  • Per Indiana state law, 100 lb propane tanks must be on a secure base (not gravel) and be secured to the RV or ground to prevent tipping.
  • Tarps can be used in the off-season only. Absolutely no tarps during the regular camping season for any reason.
  • Sites should be neat and tidy. Toys, tools, and any clutter should be put away each night.
  • Per Indiana state law, no brush, debris, lumber, blocks, or any other item that can attract rodents or are unsafe can be piled up on your site at any time.
  • Per Indiana state law, do not allow anything to hold water on your site – wheel barrels, buckets, toys, etc. They must be stored upside down and preferably under your RV.
  • Outdoor decorations and accoutrements should be kept to a minimum.
  • Utility trailers, large or small, are prohibited from being at any site unless you are actively loading or unloading, or it is stored in your shed.
  • Lawn mowers, push or riding, must be stored neatly under your RV or in your shed.
  • Do not store anything on the backside of you RV, let things accumulate on the backside of your RV, leave the weeds unattended, or any other action that would disrupt your neighbor’s view or enjoyment of the campground.

CAMPSITES 58, 59, 60, 61

These sites are considered the transition area between seasonal sites and overnight sites. They are subject to special standards and restrictions.  In addition to the regular Site Standards, any Seasonal on these sites must also comply with these additional requirements.

  • The area between the imaginary line running through the power pedestals and the north road (Airstream Ave), which is approximately 13 feet deep (called the Transition Area), must be completely clear and free from any objects at all times. This includes but is not limited to RVs, vehicles, sheds, golf carts, firewood, decks, furniture, decorations, firepits, landscaping, etc. Please note, if your power pedestal is closer to the road than 13’, everything must still be behind the 13’ line.
  • No vehicles will be parked on the north side of the sites at any time. All vehicles should be parked on the south side of the site.
  • Sheds should be on the south side of the sites.
  • Nothing can be stored next to or under the north end of the RV or anywhere visible from the north side of the site. This includes but is not limited to mowers, storage boxes, firewood, bikes, furniture, decorations, propane tanks, toys, etc.
  • Ultimately, these sites must be neat, organized, without clutter, and visibly pleasing at all times.


  • All camping units are to be road ready
  • All sewer hookups require temporary (easily removable) sewer hose or PVC piping with RV adaptors and rubber ring.
  • Park model camper RVs are required to maintain their wheels and hitches for easy removal
  • RVs must be well-maintained, non-hazardous, sanitary, and visibly pleasing.
  • No window A/C units allowed without approval.
  • Cords, cables, and hoses should be bundled neatly under the RV. No light duty extension cords allowed for powering RVs.
  • Per Indiana state law, extension cords and electrical pigtails cannot be buried (unless they are rated to be buried or in conduit).
  • Per Indiana state law, if electrical pigtails can be run along or under your RV on the parking pad. If they must extend past the RV into the grass or other walkway, for safety they must be covered with an Outdoor Cord/Cable Cover or a half of a 4” PVC pipe.
  • Ladders must be stored securely and out of site.
  • Skirting must be customary RV skirting. No boards, straw, or other makeshift skirting. In the absence of skirting, all items stored under the RV must be secure, neat, and tidy.
  • Holiday decorations must be removed from your RV and site within 2 weeks.


  • Must not exceed trailer length
  • Must not exceed 8’ wide
  • Must sit on removable footings, no digging
  • In all cases, a minimum of 5’ clearance to the adjacent site is required
  • Decks must be built in sections no larger than 4’x8’
  • Elevated decks must have an approved railing



  • Maximum dimension 8X10
  • one (1) shed per site and one (1) deck box (on the deck/patio)
  • Must sit on removable footings, no digging
  • Sheds and boxes must be built using standard stick-built codes or be a complete kit (wood or plastic). No makeshift, canvas, metal storage sheds/bins/boxes/etc.
  • Sheds and boxes must be maintained, safe, and visibly pleasing.


  • Firewood must be stacked neatly in a bin or pile not to exceed 8’ wide, 2’ deep, and 4’ tall (1/2 cord)
  • Per Indiana state law, Firewood must be 6-12” off the ground. It cannot be stacked directly on the ground.
  • Purpose built firewood cribs are recommended.
  • Purpose built wood covers are permitted. Tarps are not permitted to cover firewood for any reason regardless of color or condition.
  • Firewood cannot be stacked to block neighboring sites, on the back side of your RV, or in an area that blocks other camper’s views.
  • Firewood cannot be left at the site during the off-season.


  • No direct to ground planting or digging of any kind without approval
  • Size, locations, and plants must be preapproved. No invasive species.
  • Must not attract any wildlife
  • Must be weeded regularly and mulched as needed. Overgrown landscape will be removed by the campground at the Seasonal’s expense.


  • Built in stone or block firepits, brick/block/concrete patios, stone/block/concrete parking pads, any landscape edging, permanent or semi-permanent fencing, flower & landscape, trees, bushes, rocks or any other similar alterations/additions are all considered ground alterations.
  • All ground alterations are considered permanent and may not be removed without approval
  • Pavers, stone, and Patio bricks must be installed flush to the ground on recommended paver base
  • All fencing is discouraged.


  • For emergency ingress and egress, mowing, and general safety, there must be access to all areas of the site with at least 36” of open space around all structures and or landscape
  • Toys, debris, lawn ornaments, decorations, LED lights, flags or any obstacles should be neat and tidy and kept to a minimum.
  • Table and yard furniture should be on a deck, patio, pad, or gravel parking area when the Seasonal is not present

Maintenance Standards:  Disrepair & Saleable Condition

At all times the Camper’s site, alterations, RV, and personal property must be maintained in a state of being non-hazardous, sanitary, visibly pleasing, and in good condition and shall not be allowed to fall into Disrepair. At the time of check-out or upon moving to a new site, the Camper’s site must be returned to Saleable Condition.

Management will inform the Seasonal if, in management’s sole discretion, their site, RV, and or personal property are considered to be in Disrepair based on the Campground Maintenance Standards. The Seasonal will have 10 days to make the necessary repairs or improvements. 

If the site is unmaintained, it will be considered in disrepair, and will be subject to remedial action and fees. If you will be away for an extended time, please schedule site maintenance with the office.

The Campground will work in good faith with Campers to make allowances for short-term, uncontrollable, or unique circumstances, however, shall have sole discretion of what is deemed Saleable Condition & Disrepair. Any site deemed to be in Disrepair and presenting hazardous, unsanitary, or unsightly conditions must be restored per the Maintenance Standards or may result in termination of the Camping Permit and or the camper may incur expenses.

For the purposes of clarification, the following are examples of Disrepair. This list is not all inclusive.

  • broken or boarded windows or other improper window coverings (sheets/towels/insulation/etc.)
  • RV with open or taped shut holes and or tears
  • Leaking roofs and or Tarps on roofs
  • leaking septic connections
  • rotted decking or shed
  • piled debris/trash
  • broken siding or heavily chipped, peeled or faded paint
  • toys and other clutter spread across site
  • shifted footings
  • flat tires
  • overgrown grass or weeds
  • damage to park infrastructure
  • Any other situation or condition that management, in its sole discretion, deems to be in disrepair

Saleable Condition means that, at the termination of camping permit, the site is in good condition, similar to when you checked in and ready to sell to new guests. For example, any alterations should be well maintained and allowing for landscape maintenance and the lot is generally free from excessive weeds, large patches of dead grass, ruts, debris, decking in disrepair, etc.

At the end of each camping season, any RV or personal property that is expected to remain in the park into the next camping season must meet our then current standards. Non-conforming RV and personal property will not be allowed to remain in the park.